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Yacht Charter Mallorca

A Majorca yacht charter is an opportunity to enjoy the island to its full, from high octane night clubbing to relaxed walks on deserted beaches. On a superyacht, catamaran, motor yacht or monohull sailing yacht you can enjoy the the best a Mallorca sailing holiday has to offer.

A Mallorca yacht charter can mean a whole host of things. You could leave your luxury yacht in Port Adriano and head up to your villa in Andratx closeby, or on a smaller yacht hit the clubs night spots on Palma Bay. If these things aren't quite your style you could enjoy a quieter family sailing experience heading up the mountainous west coast to Soller or Puerto Pollensa.

The Balearic island is almost a byword for holidaying, with its pristine beaches and huge array of activities from partying til dawn or enjoying the solitude of somewhere like the Cabrera Island archipelago just offshore.

Whatever your plans for a Mallorca yacht charter, read on to discover more about where you might go and what you may do with your boat rental from Borrow a Boat!

Hiring A Yacht In Mallorca

A Majorca yacht charter is simple with Borrow A Boat! The formalities of a bareboat charter are the same as Spain - you will need your qualifications and certification to hand to take over the boat. Once meeting with the charter company or yacht owner at the marina, you will be taken to your vessel and shown around. On familiarisation then you're free to go!

Once at sea you should remember to keep your passport, insurance documents and qualifications accessible as the Marine Police can be hot on paperwork, and will board charter yachts to ensure you are who you are and that you're only afloat for fun (or legal business!).

For those on a skippered yacht charter or crewed luxury yacht charter it is far more laid back. You turn up with your gear, introduce yourself and the crew or skipper will handle the rest.

Best Areas To Charter A Yacht In Majorca

The four coastlines of Majorca each have different experiences on offer for you on your boat charter. Let's take a look at these.

South Coast

With a yacht charter from Palma de Mallorca right in the centre of the action, the south coast of Mallorca tends to be more on the cosmopolitan end of the spectrum. Palma Bay has the full on party resort of S'Arenal at one end and the notorious package resort of Magaluf at the other. Santa Ponsa is a little less full on but is part of that fun and lively vibe.

Higher class resorts on the south coast include Port Andratx, famed for its luxurious holiday homes and Puerto Portals with its excellent marina.

The exception here that proves the rule is Sa Rapita to the east of this stretch of coastline. Far from the major road network and blessed with some of the best beaches on Majorca such as Es Trenc, this is a place to savour and enjoy the peace and quiet.

West Coast

Mountainous and wild, with fun sailing conditions this stretch of coastline is an immediate escape from the fun and frolics of the south coast. Soller, the main port on this stretch of coastline is notable for the Romans not conquering it!

North Coast

Up to 60km by road from the island's airport, this is as far from the madness of nightclubs and all night fun as you can get (though Mallorquins have a different opinion to Brits what a late night means). Puerto Pollensa is a classic town in this regard. Sitting at the base of the mountains with an excellent port and marina, it is fun without too much wildness. From here, a sailing holiday may take you to nearby Menorca to enjoy a multi-island sailing trip.

East Coast

Another area of family-focused tourism, you will find laid back fishing villages like the large natural harbour of Porto Cristo, Christopher Colombus's reputed bithplace of Porto Colom, and sailing mecca of Cala d'Or. Not all resorts put tourism first and as you explore on your boat you may well find the elusive 'real Mallorca'.

Best Towns To Charter A Yacht in Majorca

Let's take a look at some towns and of course, the capital city you may discover on your Majorca yacht charter.

Palma de Mallorca

A city many compare favourably with Barcelona only in miniature, Palma de Mallorca has taken several empires in its stride. Do pay a visit to La Seu old town where you can enjoy some great architecture, cafes and restaurants. Down at the coast, the Paseo Maritimo promenade passes the oldest yacht club on the island, Real Club Nautico de Palma from where you may begin your yacht charter holiday.

Port Adriano

Those on a luxury yacht charter or private yacht charter may well begin their sailing experience here. Port Adriano very upmarket marina which many say is among the very best on the Mediterranean Sea with excellent shopping and top-class dining. This is close to Port Andratx where many of the very wealthy have holiday homes.

Puerto Pollensa

For those who wish to enjoy a relaxed and relatively less intense side of the island, this is worth an hour or so on the bus from Palma. With an excellent marina, Puerto Pollensa is a great family holiday destination and for those on a sailing holiday, an opportunity to sail on to Menorca a few hours to the NE.

Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo stands out as an east coast sailing destination thanks to its large natural harbour. It is a fishing port first and foremost but has a good marina too. The calas along this coast, including Cala d'Or and Cala Figuera make for great sailing too.

Getting to Majorca

Palma de Majorca Airport is the main airport on the island. With 4 million passenger movements through the year it is one of the busiest on the Mediterranean. You can catch a bus or taxi to your yacht charter base.

Types Of Yachts To Hire In Mallorca

There are broadly four types of charter yacht in Mallorca - the sailboat monohull, motorboat, catamaran and superyacht.

Sailboat (sailing yacht)

The monohull sailing yacht is the workhorse of charter yachts. They can be hired for as little as €130 a day depending on size and season. The charter monohull sailboat will sleep 6-8 typically with different conveniences according to your budget and needs.

Motor yacht

Simpler to get around than a monohull sailboat, charter motorboats are usually very comfortable and fun to drive. One major advantage of these over sailboats is that you can hide from the weather (too hot or cool) as you move between ports, anchorages and marinas. Expect to pay €700 a day and up.


At the luxury end of sailboat charter in the Balearics, sailing catamarans combine the comfort of a motorboat with the fun of the monohull. You may find it possible to sunbathe on the foredeck while underway and all the cabins may have en suite heads and showers. You get what you pay for as luxury yachts go - expect to pay €500 a day and up.


A superyacht luxury yacht charter is a fully crewed yacht where your group have as much or as little to do with the sailing as you want. Aboard these motor boat or sailing boat luxury yachts you will be fed and looked after by the crew while the skipper takes you to the best anchorages and marinas, giving you a local's view of the area you are sailing in.

Skippered or Bareboat Yacht Charter in Majorca

So, how do you want to see the Balearic Island archipelago? Do you want to go it alone, choosing your own adventure and take full responsibility of your charter from end to end? In this case the bareboat charter would suit you. You only pay for the boat and expenses such as food and fuel and with a bit of planning and research ahead of time can explore the islands ahead of time.

If you perhaps lack confidence in your sailing abilities or have no experience at all you can go for a skippered yacht charter. The skipper will get you about for you in return for a fee, tip and money to cover their food. In return they will use their expertise to show you the best places to party or to relax, and give you locals' advice as to what to see when ashore.

Do you need a licence to hire a Yacht in Mallorca

If you wish to bareboat charter in the Balearics you will need a recognised national or international boating certificate like the RYA Day Skipper, ICC or ASA 104 Bareboat.

The ICC is automatically conferred if you have certain national sailing qualifications - the original qualifications may be accepted and not necessarily the ICC itself in some cases.

However should you choose to go a skippered yacht charter or a trip on a luxury yacht, you do not need any qualifications at all as the skipper will have responsibility for the vessel.

Best Times To Hire A Yacht In Mallorca

The sailing season in the Balearic Island archipelago is best from May to October. The major party towns such as those on Ibiza heat up to full frenzy in June to August, and so do the prices. It is very much down to what you want from a sailing holiday in the islands - if partying all night is on the cards, the top DJs will hit the region in that time and you will have quite a memorable time. If the quiet life is what you seek, then do try to get out during term time - the sea is still warm in September and October, though the infamous Tramontana starts to be more frequent at this time of year, as it eases off in early May.

Sailing Weather In Majorca

The NE breeze common to coastal Mediterranean France dominates the islands, a cool relief from the summer heat. It never really gets above 17 knots or so so there will be some boisterous sailing but never more than is fun. You will see more precipitation towards the beginning and end of the sailing season (May and October) but the temperatures rarely stray below 15-17 degrees during those times. In the height of summer (July/August) it isn't as hot as mainland Spain, though you will see the odd few days in the 30+ C range. For Northern Europeans and those from other cooler climes this makes for fantastic sailing!

How much does it cost to hire Yachts in Mallorca

This depends on what you want from the trip. A fully crewed luxury yacht will cost €1500 a day and up but you will be fed and looked after like royalty. At the other end of the scale, for a small monohull sailing boat you will part with as little as €130 a day. Catamarans will cost anything from €500 a day and up, while a motorboat will cost €700 a day and up. These will change according to the time of year you want to go. If you want a skipper then add at least €150 a day as well as a tip and a budget for food. On top of this you need to think about your budget for food, fuel, marina fees and entertainment.

Explore Majorca By Renting A Yacht

Majorca is one of those islands that genuinely has something for every tourist type. From 24 hour fun in the nightclubs and water parks to relaxing in quiet coves without a care in the world, your Majorca yacht charter can be almost whatever you want.


Is Yacht hire in Majorca Legal?

Yes. Yacht charter is a growing and important part of the Balearic Island tourist economy. It is less busy than many other destinations which for many makes it a bigger draw.

What kind of Yachts can I hire in Majorca?

At Borrow A Boat we offer four main vessels - monohull sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and fully crewed superyachts. You can hire a skipper and/or hostess for the first three for an extra fee.

What should I consider when hiring a Yacht?

What's your budget? Do you have sailing skills and experience? When do you want to go? What do you want to explore? Your answers to these questions should narrow down where to go and what to do on a yacht charter in the region.

What are the best time to hire a Yacht in Majorca?

The best time to hire a yacht in the Balearic archipelago is in early summer (May/June) and late summer/autumn (September). It can get a little hot and crowded in July/August, but is still manageable

Do you have to pay a deposit when hiring a Yacht in Majorca?

Yes you will. You generally put a 50% deposit down on booking the yacht and then pay the other 50% on arrival. On top of this you will need to pay a security deposit against damage done to the boat while you are responsible for it.

What happens if my Yacht breaks down?

If at all possible get to an anchorage or marina first and call the charter company for advice on the matter. If life aboard is in danger, call the coastguard on VHF Channel 16 and ask for immediate assistance via a MAYDAY call.

What should I think of before I charter in Mallorca?

Think about where you would like to visit and what you would like to do with roughly 10-15 miles of sailing every day. You can build your itinerary around that set of ideas.

Do I need a visa to visit Majorca?

Whether with a 90 day tourist visa exemption to enter the EU or with a visa for the economic bloc you will be able to charter a yacht in the Balearic islands. Do check with the Spanish embassy in your country if in doubt.

Frequently asked questions

What should I consider when hiring a Yacht or Boat?

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.